Get Connected

If you want to get connected in the community you have come to the right place. This page contains information on youth programs and services, which are aimed at providing information that will help young people who are seeking advice in any areas imagined.

This page was designed to answer questions you may have, ranging from stress from exams to sexual health, whilst others have answers on literally; this page will cover anything you ask.

The Get Connected Page can be viewed as a sort of Community Information Chest that caters to the needs of Young Americans.

Cool JOBS!

Texas Job Web Sites

Other Job Web Sites

U.S. Military

Tips for Finding Jobs

Get Connected


African American Resources

Get Smart


Help with Education

College Research and Prep

SAT and ACT related

Roommate Finding Services

Roommate Issues

Financial Help for Former Texas Foster Youth

Financial Aid, Student Loans, and Scholarships

Student Loans

Scholarship Search Engines

Diversity/Education Resources

HUNGRY Habits Health

Health Care & Texas Foster Youth| Finding Health Care Services| General Health Information| Dating Violence| Safety State Of Texas for Youth Adults and Their Children- Insurance.


Food Banks

Grocery Shopping

Manners and Etiquette



Political Process/ Legal